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Monday, July 19, 2010

Hot and Tots

Yesterday I played a concert where I was a member of the band, not the director, for the first time in 24 or 25 years. The Shafter Summer Community Band performed in front of the SHS auditorium.

Gary and Martha Ingle put it together. Ken Fosbender (Dr. Kenneth Fosbender), a friend for many years, former SHS band director (early 1950s), Department Chair for both BC and University of Delaware music departments, former Marine Corps band director (in the footsteps of Sousa, and directing the likes of guys from the Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey, Stan Kenton, Woody Herman, Harry James etc. big bands [how'd did we get a guy like this? He lives in Shafter...retired here...don't tell me Kern County isn't cool]) and former owner of Stockdale Music (which is how I met him), was our conductor. He is Grandpa Heywood's contemporary, and has slowed a little because of age. There were a few "messups" here and there...but he's forgotten more about music than most people, even music teachers, ever knew.


Mom and Dad were there, up front, just like grade-school. Valerie and Kristopher were as well. David, Brittany, Tyler, Karina and half the Wasco Ward entourage accounted for at least a third of the audience.

It was hot...O, so hot...104 in the not only is Kern County cool, it is hot too.

We played God Bless America, National Emblem March, Music Man Medley, Zacatecas March, Themes From Superman, Instant Concert, El Capitan March, and Stars and Stripes Forever. We had 40 participating musicians ranging in ability from high school sophomores to music teachers. Miriam played the piccolo solo in S&SF, of course, and fellow trumpeter Ben Wilson performed the Rafael Mendez rendition of Variations on a Trumpet Voluntary.

There were families, and a lot of children in attendance. The kids were fun. Kristopher ran up to me after the concert and hugged my leg and said "Unca Dave pay tumpit?" having been coached by his Mom I'm sure.

This is what being a musician is all about. We had fun together--up close, personal--in an Sunday-appropriate activity.

Wish you all could have been there.

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  1. Sounds like fun! I wish we could have been there too! Did anyone record any of it? Can't wait to see you all next week!!! Love you!